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Wand Vibrator | Best Vibrating Wand For Sale | Only 9$+

A wand vibrator is a massaging device which is often also used as a vibrator and a sex toy. It consists of a rounded vibrating ball attached to a handle. The vibration is provided by an electric motor in the handle that rotates an unbalanced flywheel mounted either within the vibrating ball connected to the motor via a flexible coupling.

 It was originally manufactured for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles, however, it is most known for its use as a sex toy. Sex educator Betty Dodson popularized its use as a vibrator and masturbation aid for women during the sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. It functions effectively as a clitoral vibrator, to bring women to orgasm.

1. The Wand Vibrator  is very efficient

 Sure, the vibrating wand was originally labeled as a neck massager, but the wand can produce orgasms in a way no other toy or method could do before. For some, this is a last resort.

 The wand has been known to help women who were previously unable to orgasm quickly go from zero to multiple orgasms.

 Because of its power and ease of use, the vibrating wand is the first choice for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm. In some cases, women in their thirties who had never had an orgasm took control with a magic wand and opened the orgasmic floodgates.

 If you’re getting aroused and starting to fumble a little, you just need it close enough to your clit for the rumbling vibrations to do the work.

 Wand vibrator not necessarily the “prettiest” toy, nor is it a real dildo per se, but it does a pretty good job.

2. Wand Vibrator is a very suitable toy for couples, it does not look like a sex toy

 Due to vibrating wands are often larger than regular bullet or rabbit vibrators, they are not intended to be used as insertable toys, or at least they shouldn’t be. This means the wand is a great toy to use with a buddy. This is a great sexual help.

 They also don’t get in the way of penetrative sex, and since you can use it with one hand (depending on the size of the wand), you can hold it in place or give it to your partner during sex. Note, however, that the larger the wand, the greater the vibration frequency.

3. Modern Wand Vibrators come in a variety of options

 The original Hitachi Magic Wand is still on the market today and is a favorite toy for many, but it had its limitations. First off, there are only two speeds; they’re both very powerful and can be a little overwhelming for some women. Second, they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work.

 Vibrating wands have come a long way since the 1960s. Thanks to technological improvements, vibration motors have become smaller but just as powerful, so they don’t need to be as large as a small baseball bat.

 Now the new vibrating wands are rechargeable and have power settings so you can easily go live or go bust, giving you a choice. There are also waterproof options, which means you can use them anywhere.

First, as with any sexual act, this is your comfortable and passionate consent. To get the vibrator ready to use, make sure it’s powered (charged, put in the battery), then cycle through all the settings to see how it feels.

Wash your wand with antibacterial soap and warm water before using the stick vibrator on your body. Use sensations from other parts of your body, such as arms, nipples, and legs. This can help you get used to this feeling level and start pleasure your mind and body.

When you’re ready to stimulate your clitoris, add some water-based lube to the stick wand vibrator  to keep things running smoothly. The water-based lubricant creates a cushion between you and the vibrator. This can make the experience feel better, especially for new vibrator  wand users.

Because vibrating wand use powerful vibrations, this feeling can be felt deep in your muscles and nerves. Smaller vibrators, like bullets, tend to be more “buzzed,” which is often a superficial feeling.

Start with the lowest power and explore which genital stimulation feels good. If the first feeling is too strong, try using the wand on underwear, or even soft clothing.

Once you have a pleasant environment, find a comfortable sitting or lying position while breathing, relaxing, and continuing to explore the thrill.


Prior preparation of Wand Vibrator.

1. Before and after each use of the wand vibrator, please wash it thoroughly, wash the main part with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water, and finally pat it dry with a dry, lint-free linen cloth or towel.

2. Choose water-soluble lubricants, do not choose silicone oil-based lubricants, because their preparations may permanently adhere to the product surface.

3. Do not clean with alcohol, gasoline or acetone cleaners.

4. Avoid water entering the battery box during the cleaning process.

5. When the product is not in use, take out the battery.


Connection and use Wand Vibrator.

1. First connect the charger to charge the vibrating wand. Usually there is a charging hole at the end of the stick, just plug it into the charger connector.

2. When charging, the indicator light will flash white when charging, and the indicator light will stop flashing when charging is complete.

3. Adjust the vibration mode. It is recommended to change from very slight vibration to strong vibration. You can feel the stimulation of the massage vibrator in a layered manner. The up and down arrows can change the vibration mode. The plus sign is to start the machine and increase the vibration intensity, and the minus sign is to reduce the vibration. Intensity until shutdown, the middle button is to press the lock button.

4. After use vibrating wand, you can use cleaning spray to clean and disinfect the rod body, wipe it clean and store it for next use. Massage vibrator brings double happiness to women mentally and physically, allowing women to enjoy fresh and exciting pleasure. With the opening of women’s minds in the new era, more and more women are using wand vibrator and enjoying it.


How to use Wand Vibrator?

Turn wand vibrators’ frequency to the lowest and touch the clitoris lightly. For some, it’s barely felt; for others, it’s so intense that you’ll roll out of bed. The sensitivity of the clitoris varies from person to person. If the lowest intensity is too much for you, try covering your labia so it doesn’t directly touch your clitoris; or keep the vibrator away from you with a towel or blanket, or wear underwear. If you need more intensity, then slowly increase the frequency. All in all, you need to find a moderate frequency.

Try different vibration patterns (if available) when you find the optimum intensity. Experience each mode. While there isn’t a particular pattern that will take you to the fly, many women find they have a preference. Of course, if you are confused by the various modes, just use the regular mode.

It’s fun to experiment with different intensities and patterns, but if you’re ready to climax, there’s a certain sweet spot you’ll want to be on. When the vibrator is on, put it against the clit and start working. You may find yourself slightly bent, this is normal. Just let your body react naturally.

What is the scene in Harry Potter’s wand where the wizard is chosen? Wand vibrators require similar subjectivity. Choosing a vibrator wand really comes down to your personal needs and preferences, and if you want to really fall in love with it for years to come, consider the best vibrator wand for you.

 Here’s what to consider when shopping for a vibrator wand:

 Strength: How strong do you want it to be? Do you prefer more or less excitement? Do you want versatility?

 Power of vibrator wand:

 Do you want to enjoy the retro time with plug-ins? Do you want something with a battery? Re-chargeable? Note: Plugins are usually cheaper.

 Noise: Do you need something super quiet? Can it be loud?

 Water resistance: Do you prefer to wear in the shower or tub, or do you prefer terrestrial creatures?

 Size of wand vibrator : 

Are you looking for a large and heavy vibrator wandor a light vibrator wand? Where are you going to store it?

 Usability: How many settings does vibrating wand have? How to switch between settings? Can you touch it comfortably and change settings on startup?

 Materials: Vibrators wand are not FDA regulated. This means that manufacturers do not mandate the use of materials that are safe for humans. Especially if you have the budget, make sure your vibrator is higher quality, human-safe silicone (medical or food grade).

 It is recommended to choose a more authoritative and safer store to buy.

 Also, if lube is going to be used, check to make sure your lube is suitable for the material. Silicone lube can react negatively with the silicone on the wand, causing harm to the body.

 Price of wand vibrator:

 Among the “Save” and “Spurge”  of wand vibrators, wand vibrators tend to be more expensive. Original vibrators cost $65-70, charging sticks $130-140. Unbound’s “Oli” sticks cost $74, while Lewand vibrators range from $115 to $170.

 The sex toy category is full of counterfeit products that are not as strong, quality and safe as the real thing, make sure you buy from a reputable source and realize that if the price seems too high to be true, it is likely to be true .

 If you’re looking for a reputable source, sex toy store Vibratorwand has sex educators on staff who can help you find the right vibrator wand. Vibratorwand. com chose to let the profits go to the customers. Get the same quality or better quality at a lower price.

Mini Vibrator Wand

Vibrator wand is Small in size, easy to store, suitable for carrying around, you can use it anytime and anywhere to please your body and mind, and it is convenient to use on the go. And the frequency is low, suitable for people who are new to the vibrator wand.

Big Head Wand Vibrator

Vibrator wand has a big “head”, which can stimulate the parts you need to massage more comprehensively. The vibration intensity is generally strong, which can bring you more frequent orgasms. It is suitable for people who are not satisfied with low frequency.

Double-headed Vibrator Wand

Both heads of the vibrator wand have motors, usually one side is a wand, and the other side can be used for be inserted, different ways of playing can bring you different stimulation, allowing you to achieve orgasm in different ways.

Multifunctional Vibrator Wand

There are two or more functions on one vibrator wand, such as the shape of the wand can be changed, with a sucking function, can be inserted, etc., more fun, and can meet the needs of more people.

Multi-frequency Vibrator Wand

There are different frequencies from low to high, different vibration frequencies can meet the needs of all kinds of people, and can make your sex life more exciting.

You’ve definitely heard some bad news about vibrators, some rhetoric around overuse, numbness, or other damage to naturally sensitive areas, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that it’s unfounded.

As long as you use it correctly and wash it, there is absolutely no harm in applying the vibrator.Actually, there have been research studies that show that vibe use has benefits that go beyond a quick and easy orgasm.

A study out of the University of Colorado showed that vibrators have a host of benefits for those who suffer from some sexual arousal or sensation problems and may work to heal underlying nerve damage.

Meanwhile, many women who use vibrators to orgasm report some improvement in their skin and other health problems.

Wand vibrators are safe to use by design, but you need to be careful what they are made of.

What are wand vibrators made of?

The handle on a Wand Vibrator is usually made of some type of hard plastic, with ABS plastic being the most common material.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS, is a non-porous thermoplastic that is perfectly safe for the human body and is used in many common products you find around your home.

The head of a wand vibrator is usually made of a softer material, such as silicone or vinyl.

It is important to note that vinyl itself is not a toxic material, but it can be if mixed with toxic plasticizers, which we discuss below.

Most vibrators these days feature body-safe or medical-grade silicone for softness and body safety.

What are the safest materials for wand vibrators, and which ones should you avoid?

As I mentioned before, the heads of most vibrating wand are made of body-safe or medical-grade silicone.

Both medical-grade and body-safe silicone are great materials for any sex toy, and they’re all manufactured to be safe for skin contact.

As we’ve talked about before, ABS plastic is a strong plastic and is common in sex toys, but in wand vibrators you’ll find it mostly for the handle, although it can sometimes be found under the material covering the head it.

When it comes to the material of the head, vinyl is sometimes used to create the soft texture usually found on the tip of a wand vibrator.

Although the term “vinyl” is commonly used to describe all forms of vinyl, vinyl without chlorine is non-toxic.

In fact, both ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) are “vinyls”—they’re used in things like food storage bags, baby teethers, and even internal drug delivery devices.

However, when vinyl is mixed with plasticizers like phthalates or chlorine — in the case of polyvinyl chloride or PVC — vinyl becomes a very problematic material for sex toys.

PVC, along with bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, is one of the worst materials your body can come into contact with.

PVC is porous—a characteristic that makes it a poor choice for sex toys in the first place—but it also contains vinyl chloride, a known carcinogen.

As we mentioned before, chlorine-free vinyl is safe, but not all types of vinyl are created equal! Products with added phthalates should also be avoided.

Phthalates have been linked to breast cancer and metabolic dysfunction, and may affect fertility and even increase the risk of miscarriage.

BPA is another toxic to watch out for, as exposure can lead to a wide range of harmful effects, including endocrine disruption, cardiovascular abnormalities, cognitive effects, and—you guessed it—cancer.

The bottom line is this: when selecting toys, be aware of toxic plastics and materials.

The wand we included in the review is made from safe materials.

Can wand vibrators cause clitoral or vaginal desensitization?

No — that way you can drive your vibe as long and as hard as you want, within reason.

Contrary to popular belief, wand vibrators don’t usually cause desensitization, but they can sometimes cause temporary numbness if you vibrate vigorously without interruption for a long time.

In order for your vibrator wand to function properly, you need to clean and store it properly. Be sure to clean the vibrator wand with warm water and soap before and after use. 

 Even if your vibrator wand is completely waterproof, never put it in the dishwasher. Rinse the vibrator wand in the sink or take it in the shower with you.

 If the vibrator wand is not waterproof at all, skip direct contact with water and wipe the head of the vibrator with a damp cloth and mild soap.

 Also, do not expose the vibrator wand to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Be sure to store it in a clean and dry place to prevent dust or dust from getting in. Most high-end wands come with a storage pouch that you can otherwise put in a larger vanity bag or a clean drawer.

 Finding the right vibrator wand will make you feel good. Picking up a wand vibrator might make you believe in magic if you know you love it so much.

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Wand Vibrators: The Ultimate in Personal Pleasure

For those looking for the ultimate in personal pleasure, a wand vibrator is the perfect choice. A wand vibrator is a powerful and versatile tool for providing intimate stimulation. It provides a broad range of vibration intensities, allowing for a variety of sensations, from mild to intense.

 Wand vibrators are typically handheld devices, making them easy to use and ideal for personal use. They are typically powered by an electric motor, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are discreet and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, while others are larger and more powerful.

 Wand vibrators can provide direct stimulation to your most sensitive areas. They are often used to stimulate the clitoris, as well as other erogenous zones. As they are typically cordless, they can be used in any location. They are also great for travel, as they can easily be taken with you wherever you go.

The intensity of the vibration:Wand vibrator can be adjusted to your desired level. This allows you to enjoy a variety of sensations, from light and gentle to intense and powerful. This makes wand vibrators great for solo play, as well as for couples who want to explore new sensations together.

 Wand vibrators are also great for use during foreplay. They can provide direct clitoral stimulation, as well as vibrations to other areas of your body. This can help to get you aroused and ready for more intimate activities.

 Wand vibrators are also great for those who have difficulty achieving orgasm. They can provide powerful stimulation to the clitoris, which can help to increase pleasure and make it easier to reach orgasm.

 When using a wand vibrator, it is important to use it with caution. Be sure to use only a water-based lubricant, and avoid using it near open wounds or on any broken skin. It is also important to keep the wand clean, as bacteria can build up on the device.

 When it comes to pleasure, wand vibrators are an ideal choice. They are versatile, discreet, and powerful, providing a range of sensation and intensity. 

 Whether you are looking to enhance solo play or to explore new sensations with a partner, a wand vibrator can provide the perfect amount of stimulation. So if you are looking for the ultimate in personal pleasure, a wand vibrator is the perfect choice.

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